Welcome!  I am a Las Vegas-based, published, international Figurative Fine Art photographer also well-versed in Fashion and Glamour photography.  As a photographer I believe in diversity, my projects have NO body-type, height requirements, piercing or tattoo restrictions, nor ethnicity preferences.  I shoot beauty in all its forms; And see beauty in all its forms! My creative journey began as far back as I can remember.  I've been shooting various styles of photography for over 35-years.
I'm a bit of a Renaissance-man, a creative thinker, and have been involved in art and music my whole life.  I come from a creative family of authors, musicians, painters, and sculptors to name a few; this had a huge influence on me.  My first paid photo shoot was at the age of 16 and I’ve not stepped away from the camera since. Some of my photographic influences have been, and continue to be: Ansel Adams; Richard Avedon; Robert Capa; Victor Demarchelier; Patrick Di Fruscia; Russell James; Sebastian Kim; Annie Leibovitz; Joe McNally; Helmut Newton; Herb Ritts; and Bruce Weber to name a few.  I believe in making my own road but use their work for inspiration rather than emulation.
To create photographs which cause the viewer to experience my photos in the following ways: Emotionally: They should appeal to or arouse your emotions; Intimately:  They should evoke a very warm and friendly feeling; Provokingly:  They should feel charged, edgy, exciting, piquing, provocative, stimulating; Revolutionary:  They should bring about a fundamental change to photography; and Sensually:  They should produce physical and/or sexual pleasure when viewed.
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